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What are Sports?

Sports (singular sport) includes all forms of physical activities or games through casual or organized participation that aim to improve or maintain physical ability and skills while providing enjoyment to participants and sometimes entertainment for spectators. There are different sports played around the world. Originally, sports were introduced to provide people entertainment, then they were the major source to stay fit and nowadays sports have become a great source of earning. The different types of sports are discussed below:

1. Adventure Racing

This is a kind of sport where the navigation is used for the participants and a wild track is marked. Most of the time more than two teams participate and the time period may be of two hours to two weeks. There are some cases when one player takes part following the rules defined for the sport.

2. Archery

Archery is a sport of knowing how to shoot arrows. It started centuries ago and has now become one of the expensive and most entertaining sport. The person who plays this game is called archer or bowman. There are different rules for different parts of the world. However, in general, the players shoot arrows and target a small portion. One with maximum shots inside the defined area wins the game.

3. Basketball

This sport is very like football but the only difference is in basketball players use their hands instead of feet. Each team has five players and they have to shoot the basketball through defender’s hoop in backboard on the either side of the court. A team with most points at the end of the game wins. In case of equal points, additional time is provided in order to decide the game.

4. Baseball

This is another form of sport in which the players use bats and balls to hit the ball and make scores that are called runs. One team bats while the other fields. The purpose of the batting team is to hit the ball with a bat into the field of play and run the bases. This game is another form of cricket that started in 18th century in England. Baseball is now very popular in many parts of the world.

5. Boxing

Boxing is the form of sport in which two players participate wearing protective gloves and throw punches at each other. The player with most punches within the decided time period wins the match. International matches and titles are organized for boxing and this has become one of the highest paying sports in the world.

6. Football

This is a sport where two teams take part having maximum of eleven player and one of them is goalkeeper. The game starts with the whistle of the refry and both teams’ effort to throw the ball in opposite side goal. The most famous event of football is called FIFA World Cup that is played after every four years.

7. Martial Arts

This is a form of combat practice mainly used for defense, military and enforcement purposes. However, now martial arts have become a regular part of sports as well.