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gay and lesbian community
relationship advice
advice for men
lgbt organizations
crime statistics
advice for women
lesbian sites
practical philosophy
disabled rights
lesbian group
political movements
paranormal activity
islam truth

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What is Society?

A society is a group of individuals that share the same social or geographical territory and are subject to same political authority and cultural expectations. It’s the society that enables its members to achieve the goals or purposes that would not be possible on individual basis. There are a number of important elements that define the society and how individuals or the collective group performs and behaves in society.

1. Activism

Activism refers to all the efforts to promote social, economic, political and environmental reforms in order to improve the society. Every individual in the society thus has a certain part that they have to play so that the society become very acceptable for all members. 

2. Folklore

Folklore is the set of beliefs, customs, traditions or stories shared by members of a society. In a society, many people have similar culture, similar ideas towards a certain aspect and have mutual understanding in a number of areas. It includes all the traditions accepted by the members of the society.

3. Genealogy

Genealogy refers to the family study and is the study of families and the tracing of their history or lineages. It’s a comprehensive process that is carried out with a number of steps. It helps in determining alliances between different groups living in a society and what their relation with other families was.

4. History

History is the study of past events, particularly human affairs during a particular period of time. Without history, nothing could have been so great. Every society has a history that’s written by historians and is then transferred to the next generations. It’s the history that shows how great, poor, good or bad a society was in the past.

5. Law

Law is the set of rules and regulations created and enforced through social or government institutions in order to regulate human behavior. Without law, this world will be full of mess. People living in a society follow the same rules, with no distinction to who is what or who is poor or rich. The law is same for all and no one is above the law.

6. Philanthropy

The term refers to love for humanity. It also includes the services or private initiatives taken for public benefit that primarily focus to improve the quality of human life. The people who can afford or have enough resources to help others in a society are called philanthropist.

7. Politics

Politics is about activities associated with governance of a country, region or area and also includes the debate between ruling parties. Politics define the status of a country and how the country will be run and administered. Societal politics leads to national politics that benefits every society.

8. Sexuality

Sexuality refers to how people in a society experience and express themselves sexually. And it’s just one of the things we are born with in the society. This is something we no one can deny.

9. Spirituality

This refers to the deepest values and meanings by which people live in a society. Spirituality is different for different people in a society. For some people, it can be an organized religion while for others it could be focusing on good deeds to improve society and lifestyles of the people.