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What are Flowers?

Flowers are reproductive parts of plants. From a biological point of view, a flower is to facilitate plant reproduction by providing a supporting system of fusion of a sperm with egg.

They have been long used in religions, herbal medicines, romance and a source of food.

1. The Structure of a Flower Consists of Two Basic Things

a.      Calyx – The outer part consisting of green colored sepals. Inside the bud stage, sepals are responsible for enclosing the rest of the flower.

b.      Corolla – The inner part consisting of colorful units called petals. These are thin, soft and have vivid detailing, helping in attracting insects and birds for pollination.

2. Types of Flowers

It is an estimate that there are almost 400,000 species of flowers. With the help of anthocyanins, flowers get their pigment.

Some flowers also produce a unique fragrance, which combined with their natural pigment, attracts pollinators. This fragrance is strongest in the cases of petals, which is also used by perfume making industry.

It is important to know that production of scent is not restricted to one part but the process is spread throughout the outer layers of petals. However, in cases of some plants, like orchids, they have particular scent glands called osmophores which produce a liquid scent. With the help of air, it gets evaporated and dispersed into the environment.

Rose, tulip, sunflower and daisy are some of the most popular types of flowers.

3. Planting

Flowers, like plants, depend upon certain seasons to grow. Marigold, Nigella, Nasturtium and sunflowers are some of the easiest grown flowers.

In case of roses, you can plant both, in late autumn and early spring, from which the growth cycle grows. Avoid flower plantation in middle of winter as cold becomes a hindrance to flower growth.

4. Florists

People who deal with flowers as a source of business are known as florists. The duties of a florist include arrangement of flowers in bouquets and vases. Depending on the order, some florists are required to decorate a certain room or house (especially at the time of weddings)

Many florists work for retail stores but some of them have their own enterprise. As per 2012 statistics, an average florist makes around $25000

5. Artificial and Silk Flowers

Artificial flowers are made from plastic, polyester, paper cocoons, resins and shells. They give the presence of beauty which does not fade away. Their use is common throughout the world.

To make artificial flowers, polyester fabric is inserted into gelatin for stiffening. Afterwards, the polyester is traversed through floral shapes. A dye producing silk machine imparts veins of a flower the flower is mounted on either an iron wire or a brass stalk. The leaves are sprayed in the end.

6. Floral Supplies

Floral supplies include both natural and artificial flowers. They also include the things a florist needs to accompany him/her in the order for example floral tapes are awesome for floral decorations while floral wire cutters are used for cutting the stems of flowers.

Some hollow shapes may be included through which flower arrangements can be made.