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What is Clothing?

Clothing is a collective term used for garments. They can be made from any material including textiles, animal skins and leaves.

Out of all species, only humans are known to wear clothes. The amount of clothing one wears, depends upon environmental and religious constraints.

With the passage of time, males, women and children – all had their clothes separately developed. It is a universal social norm to wear clothes and to look good and people who don’t wear clothes, particularly exposing buttocks, genitals are widely thought as ‘people promoting indecent exposure of human body’

Wearing clothes has its uses. The primary clothing benefit is to attain comfort for your body. Clothes make you look fashionable and protect you from temperature extremities.

Types of Clothing

1. Men’s Clothes

Men’s clothing relate to all the items males can wear. Jackets, shorts, vests, pants, shoes. Initially, they had less variety as compared to women clothing and were mainly focused upon sturdiness. However, with the passage of time, men clothing industries realized the importance of fashion.

2. Women’s Clothes

Like men clothing, female clothing pretty much covers everything. They have a rich color variety and come in all shapes and sizes. Female undergarments are designed to cover breasts and reproductive parts.

In Eastern parts of the world, women tend to cover themselves more as compared to Western women.

3. Children’s Clothes

These include shirts, hoodies, trousers, caps, and hats – anything that would make children appealing and trendy with fashion. Parents love to decorate their child and children love the rich variety of clothes.

4. Casual

Casual clothing refers to clothes, which are worn casually throughout the day. These are different than formal clothes, as it would be awkward if you show up in a casual hoodie with a hipster jean, for a corporate meeting.

You can meet casualwear for informal functions and daily life chores.

5. Formal

These clothes are wear for formal events. Weddings, corporate meetings – you have to look sharp in your suit, garnished either by a tie or a bowtie.

The formal attire makes you look sharp and helps capture good photos of you, making you appeal as well as earning admiration of your colleagues.

6. Footwear

Anything related to foot clothing is termed as footwear. Slippers, sandals, sneakers, high tops, low tops and joggers. Extensive R & D is being applied into footwear to make them comfortable. Self-lacing and waterproof boots have been invented.

Athletes are using certain footwear to enhance their performance in field.

7. Vintage

Termed as ‘retro’, vintage is the clothing design, primarily of 50s, 70s and 80s. You bring back the old fashion and people get delighted.

Attire includes funky looks and suits with hats.

8. Plus-Size

This is for people who are comparatively taller and fatter than others. Plus size includes size range from XL – 5XL.

9. Accessories

Clothing accessories include jewelry, socks, scarves, wristbands, glasses, rings, caps. By accessory, it is meant as an entity which is contributing towards making a user look good, in a secondary manner. People started using the term in 20th century.

Accessories such as fans and parasols were commonly used by women in Victorian era, depicting a trend for women to adopt a relaxed lifestyle. Similarly, certain men in 16th century Italy used to wear hat badges as an epitome of higher social status.