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What is Recreation?

To create a perfect balance of life, one must uphold rest and recreation in every walk of life.

People have distinct interests which makes their hobbies different from one another. However, major hobbies of recreation fall under the following categories:

1. Antiques

Theories suggest that life started on Earth, after ocean formation, some 4.4 billion years ago. Fast forward to 21st century, we are trying to look for ways to discover more about ancient civilizations. People having a thing for history like to collect antiques and artifacts. It is a good recreational hobby and people think of an antique collector as someone ‘deep’ – someone who knows a thing or two about global heritage.

2. Boating

Speed boating, banana boating, rafting, fishing tips – The umbrella category encompasses all types. Boating is fun, especially for people who mostly live in an indoor environment. It takes away the workplace stress and a person feel happy among nature.

3. Climbing

The call for thrill is exciting in a fun way. Rock climbing can be done either in forests, wildlands or amusement parks in which one has to climb an artificial wall.

With adrenaline surging through one’s veins, a person challenges his limits and tries to overcome the obstacles.

4. Food

Many people don’t know but ‘food’ is an excellent source of recreation. Eating as well as making food makes you happy and stress free.

Thanks to programs like MasterChef, people of different regions are coming together by trying inter-continental dishes.

5. Humor

Memes, jokes, funny videos, pranks – Humor releases your stress and makes you enjoy life. A good place to find humor is social media where you can find humor related pages.

6. Motorcycles

A recreational hobby considered with adventure, thrill, ruggedness and machismo – motorcycling helps you explore places. People who into motorcycling are deep thinkers and like to travel at night, when there is complete solitude on roads.

7. Pets

Humans may hurt your feelings but if you give care and love to your pets, they will never break your heart. Dogs, cats, birds, cows, horses – there is a rich category of fauna which benefits you. While dogs are known to protect you, horses can be used for moving goods. Dogs are known to live around 15 human years while cats typically live from 12 – 18 years.

8. Theme Parks

Disneyland, Cedar Point and Walt Disney World are some of the most famous theme parks of the world. A theme park is designed for general public to make them enjoy life. Rides, thrills, dance and music, carnivals and fitness challenges – you will have access to test your creativity.

9. Travel

Life is not meant to be spent at one place. When a person moves from one place to another, he observes life and learns something knew. On a macro level, this increases friendship between two countries.

Travel these days is pretty easy. Get cheap flights from apps like Jetradar and Skyscanner. Next, either online book hotels or live in private properties of Airbnb.