Step 1: Choose from the Top 15 Search Queries

These are the Top 15 search queries that most people searched for, with the most accurate results, that helped the majority of searchers find what they were looking for in your surrounding area:

news sites
fox news headlines
nbc breaking news
breaking news stories
current events today
top news stories today
headline news
world news
live news
breaking news app
america news today
big news stories
what's the news today
news radio online
news podcasts

Step 2: Search for it

Search freely, or copy and paste one of the top queries from above into your search engine of choice, to get the best results.


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What are News?

News is information on the current events and it can be provided via different sources such as electronic communication, broadcasting, print, postal system, and even words of mouth. The common topics include health, education, politics, government, business, economy, war, fashion, sports, entertainment, weather and any other unusual event. 

People from different cultures around the world in the past used to share stories about interesting information. Travelers used to be questioned for the news and this information was spread in the area through word of mouth.  Even though printing presses came into being in Europe, news still used to travel through town criers, monks and travelers orally.

Let’s extend it to some related sub-categories:

1. Journalism

Journalism is the profession of writing magazines, newspapers or preparing news that is to be broadcasted. It can be investigative that aims to uncover the truth about an event, person or subject.  It can be reviews based on facts or opinions, columns that are primarily based on your personal style or feature writing that provides scope, depth or interprets trends, events, people or any other topic.

2. Magazines

A magazine is a publication that is published regularly and it contains a variety of content. It is generally financed by advertising and you either have to get one on a prepaid subscription or a purchase price. Magazines are distributed through different vendors like bookstores, newsstands or even through the mail. The very first magazine was launched in Germany in 1663. It was a literary and philosophy magazine.

3. Newspapers

A Newspaper is a publication that contains written information on a current event. It covers a variety of fields starting from politics, editorial cartoons, comics, reviews, and advice columns, and birth notices. Most newspapers cover businesses. Newspapers are published on a daily and weekly basis.

4. Chats and Forums

These are the internal based message boards that hold conversations on certain topics or events in conversation form. Technology, politics, religion, music, fashion, sports, video games are some of the common topics of forums.

5. Alternative News

Alternative News is the media that differs from dominant types of news, its content, production and destruction. This kind of news can take a variety of forms such as internet, video, audio, print and even street art.  The content for alternative news is mostly non-commercial projects which are typically excluded from the mainstream news.

6. Weather

In weather forecasting, science and technology are applied for predicting the conditions of the atmosphere for a given time and location. In the ancient times, the weather was predicted through cloud patterns and astrology. The very first daily weather forecast was published in The Times newspaper in 1861. The first ever weather maps were produced in the same year.

7. Satire

Satire is a kind of parody that is presented in the form of mainstream journalism. It has been around ever since journalism was introduced however, it is mostly popular on the web. There are plenty of sites that mimic legitimate news but the contently heavily relies of irony and deadpan humor. Satire is of two types. The first type is sketchy comedy which is used for commenting on the real world news events. The second type is fictionalized news stories.