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What are Kids & Teens?

Having teenager children is very stressful. Parents need to understand what their kids want and need. The initial years of a child are the building years, and teenage is a very important period in a person’s upbringing. Not all parents understand their teenage children, which creates differences between parents and children. If you are a parent to teenaged person, you have to understand his life. You have to know everything about your child, which includes his hobbies, interests, school life hand problems which he faces.

Teen Life and Its Complexities

There are many reasons why the life of a teenager is much more stressful than his parents. Some adults might not consider the fact that teenagers have more issues to deal with. Teenage itself is a very stressful period for a child. The things that are very stressful for a teenager are sleep deprivation, hormonal activity, fulfilling various expectations, and an uncertain future.

They are sleep deprived because they have to study and maintain a social life as well. They have to create a balance. In these years, the hormonal activity of a person undergoes different changes. This creates stress and anxiety.

A teenager has to fulfill the expectations of various people. This creates added stress for him. He has to satisfy the parents as well as the peer group. An additionally, he has to build a future for himself. This is why teenagers are very stressed as compared to other adults.

Teen Health

Teenagers undergo various hormonal changes, so their health has to be kept in check. They also study health in their schools, that is why they have a fair idea of a good health. Parents have to organize regular checkup for their children to ensure that they are completely healthy.

School Life of a Kid/Teenager

The school life of a kid, as well as a teenager, is adventurous. A school is a place which polishes different skills of a kid and prepares him for the future. Same is the case with teenagers. They have to make their mark by performing well in their schools. For kids, the schools are excellent places for building their personality. It also teaches them basic manners.

Sports and Hobbies of a Kid/Teenager

Teenagers and kids are highly interested in sports and other extra-curricular activities. Apart from playing football and basketball in their schools, they are also interested in music and arts. Their interest can lead to a career option for them. For example, those kids who are interested in music can pursue a career.

Teenagers are also active and social work which includes volunteering for the community. And most importantly, teenagers and kids are equally interested in technology and games.

Games Which They Like to Play

Teenagers and kids are always ready to play games. Kids are interested in playing activity-based games. They love to draw and paint, which are crafty games. While the teenagers are more interested in playing video games and other party games. There are a number of party games which the teenagers love, which can be learnt from other people.