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What is Health?

Health means the general well-being of a body and mind. It is a state when both are free of diseases. A stable health is an ultimate blessing. You must have heard of ‘health is wealth’ which is actually very true.

Your health is composed of these factors:

·        Physical fitness

·        Mental stability

·        Strong immunity against diseases

·        Enough energy to be active

·        A good temperament all-day

These are the factors which contribute to your health. Good health is extremely important because only then you can do your daily work. You can stay healthy if you:

·        Do regular exercise

·        Go for a morning walk daily

·        Eat a balanced diet

·        Stabilize your sleep cycle

·        Engage in sports

Health is a very vast topic which is composed of several other important topics. Here are a few of them:

1. Nutrition

It is a very important factor which contributes to a good health. Our body requires various nutrients in the right amount. We take these nutrients through our diet. Through proper nutrition, you can prevent or cure some diseases as well. But keep in mind that not all nutrients will provide energy to your body. With the help of a nutritionist, you can know what you should eat to maintain your health.

2. Pharmacy

The role of a pharmacy is not clearly included in health work. But it does have a connection. In this study, people make medicines which are best for health. A pharmacist is responsible for providing modern medication to people. It depends on him whether you will take the right medicine or not. So, it is clear that the role of pharmacy is directly connected to health.

3. Alternative Medicines

This is a method of using practices for health which are not proven to work. Their effects are not known, unlike modern medicine which comes with a list of possible side effects. That is why the alternative medicines are considered unethical, hence, not allowed in many parts of the world. 

4. Weight Loss

The world is now aware of the harmful effects of excessive weight. That is why people are becoming body conscious. More people are trying to lose weight now more than ever, because it is causing many diseases. But intense weight loss is not stable for health. You have to consult a dietician to gradually lose weight, in a healthy way.

5. Addictions

Addiction means the need to take something or do something very often. It can be to the point where that activity becomes harmful for you. Drug addictions are the most common. People are engaging in misusing drugs such as cocaine, which is extremely harmful for them. There are many harmless addictions as well.

Substance abuse can severely affect your mental health as well. But there are various treatments and therapies to cure addictions.

6. Dentistry

Dentistry is the field in which oral health is monitored. Your dentist is responsible for your oral health, by diagnosing diseases and curing them. This is a major part of your overall health.

7. Aging

With the aging process, the body becomes weak and less immune to diseases. That is why doctors advise older people to take extra care of themselves and their nutrition. Aging does not have to affect your health, as long as you take good care of it.