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What are Computers?

A computer is an electronic device that is used to store, process and retrieve data. It is used for many purposes which include playing games, hacking and Surfing the internet. Computers are a crucial necessity of today’s world. They have become a need. They are being used everywhere, by everyone. From a child to an adult, every person is familiar with this technology and its usage.

Parts of a Computer

A computer consists mainly of hardware and software. The hardware consists of physical parts of a computer, those which we can touch. For example, the screen, mouse, CPU, speakers etc., are all parts of the hardware of a computer. Whereas the software consists of intangible parts of a computer. They can be any set of instructions or guidelines for creating documents, playing games and browsing the web. A computer uses algorithms in order to solved problems. Algorithms are basically sets of rules for a computer to follow.

A computer consists of many parts which include motherboard, ROM, RAM, processor, network, software, and most importantly the machine language.

Types of Computers

They are different types of computers based on their physical features. The most common computer in our everyday life is our laptop/ personal computer. They have evolved from desktop computers which are still in use today. Tablets are also computers, which you can carry along anywhere. A server is also a form of computers, which is used to serve up information to other computers.

However, there are more types of computers. For example, the smartphones that we use can do a lot of things that a computer can do. Smartphones are also a type of computer. The smartwatches are quite and up to date form of computer. Many televisions also have the applications which let you access online content.

The Progress of The Computer Industry

The computer industry, also called the IT industry, is emerging as one of the main industries for a country. It incorporates businesses which are involved in designing and manufacturing computers and its parts. The IT industry is also responsible for designing computer networking infrastructure and developing the software.

Some of the computer manufacturing companies have become a multinational corporation. For example, Apple, Dell, and Microsoft are the three big names in the computer industry. Microsoft develops and manufactures computers, software, and operating systems. Their products are used worldwide.  There are manufactured products are sold all over the world. There are many more companies which are equally important.

The world has now become dependent on computers for everything. They are responsible for a country’s security. That is why there has been an increase in the number of hackers all over the world. Hacking is a crime, which is punishable differently in countries.

The advancement of computers has led to the creation of virtual reality. This technology has made it possible to create and live and experience no matter where you are. The technology has led to so many changes in the world. Computers have made it possible to communicate with someone not even on this planet. That is how much important they are in this age.