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What Is Business?

The dictionary definition of a business is that it means a person’s occupation and his profession which earns him money. Business is done in order to achieve profit for a company or a corporation relative to other companies. How business can be for non-profit organizations to raise some money for charitable cause. Nonetheless, the main idea is to generate profit, irrespective of where that money will be used.

Types of Business

The range of business varies widely. They can start from very small owned enterprises to a mass-scale enterprise. For example, owning a small restaurant is also business and owning a multi-national corporation also business. The rules remain the same whereas the input and output are different. Many people have their shares in a business enterprise.

A business requires some forms of investment by the owners, which is then used in the process of generating profit. There are various industries which are now emerging as a successful business enterprise. The healthcare industry has become a very profitable business. Same is the case with real estate, publishing houses, printing press and much more. The options of business firms now include e-commerce also.  The telecommunications industry is also emerging. It has become a necessity in various businesses.

There are three types of business:

1. Service Business

This type of business is providing intangible products to its customers. The service type of business means providing expertise, expert opinion, and such type of advice to people. For example, law firms and banks are service type of business.

2. Manufacturing Business

This type of business is providing a transformed product by purchasing a specific product from somewhere else and using it to make new products. It uses labor, raw material, and expertise and makes up goods which are sold to customers.

3. Merchandising Business

They are also known as buy-and-sell business. These firms purchase a manufactured product at a wholesale rate and then sell it at retail price. For example, grocery stores and pharmacies etc.

There is a Hybrid business also which is composed of characteristics from two or more types of business.

Business Structures

There are three main business structures or forms of a business organization. They are:

1. Sole Proprietorship

As the name suggests, sole proprietorships mean that a business form is owned by a single person. It is easy and less costly as compared to others. That single person is responsible for that organization’s taxes and other legalities.

2. Partnership

A partnership means two or more people join to conduct a business. The shares, profits, and losses are equally shared among the partners. The most common example of partnership in the business enterprise is the healthcare or pharmaceutical companies.

3. Corporation

A corporation is almost the same as a partnership where people join and act as one entity for the business. People are shareholders in corporations. The difference is that a corporation holds its legal personality which is different than the owners. For example, Google, Microsoft, burger king etc., all are a corporation.

The structure of a business can also by hybrid. For example, there are Limited Liability Companies (LLCs) in the US. They are a mixed product of corporations and partnerships.